Molly Green

Molly Green Hamilton Corner Chattanooga

2115 Gunbarrel Rd
Unit 2
Chattanooga, TN 37421
(423) 541-1651

Visit our location in Hamilton Corner in Chattanooga, TN. This luxury outdoor shopping center is located right on the right off of Gunbarrel Road. Next to Loft, look for the beautiful green building with the striped awning. If you’re looking for great shopping in Chattanooga look no further than Molly Green at Hamilton Corner!

Tired of walking into southern boutiques and finding floral, lace and cowboy boots?

We’ve got you covered. Don’t get me wrong, we can do floral, too, but we do floral a little differently.

Mixing prints? Yes please!

How about a little floral and stripes?

Denim on denim?

We bring eclectic, stand out pieces to the south – on trend, fashion forward and perfect to speak your personal style.

Our crew at the Hamilton Corner is the trendiest group of humans you’ve ever met!

Come in and tell us what you’re looking for – whether it’s an outfit for a special occasion or you simply need a new pair of denim for your daily uniform, we vow to always give you our honest feedback. Why? Because our clients are our friends and we’re in this business because, more than anything, we love people and we want you to feel absolutely golden in any outfit you wear.

When you make it into the fitting rooms, be sure to tag us on Instagram @shopmollygreen #shopmollygreen