MG’s Guide to Sunscreen

Whether you’re laying out on the beach eating mangos or spending your day by the pool, don’t forget to lather up!!! I had to learn my lesson the hard way. I did not apply sunscreen until it was too late a few weeks ago and I burnt to a crisp. Sunscreen can be your best friend. Just make sure the sunscreen you’re using not only protects your skin from the sun but also resists those toxic chemicals most sunscreens throw in the bottle.


Most of the MG crew swears by Glossier. They have an invisible shield sunscreen that is breathable, fresh and made of natural ingredients like orange peel & aloe. Guess what? It happens to also be vegan and not tested on animals! How cool is that? I’m always into trying a product with compassionate intentions. It also never hurts to try a homemade sunscreen as well.


Do your research and choose a sunscreen that is best for your skin and for your health. There are options out there. Just wanted to pop in and give some awareness. Go have fun but also be careful out therel!!



Sarah Peyton

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