Who knew food could be so dang stylish?

So, National Ice Cream Day was yesterday and we came up with the perfect way to celebrate yet another random and delicious holiday. Only this time we took it to a whole new, more-extra-than-the-day-before level 🙂


Rather than just making ice cream sundaes like everyone else in the 1950s, we decided to create something that calls for a bit more pizzazz and a lot more color.


And when we say a lot, we mean the most color possible!


Here’s what you need:


-1 box of Fruity Pebbles

-1 bag of marshmallows

-Small 16 oz containers of vanilla ice cream

-Wax paper


First: Place the marshmallows into a pan and heat on medium low until they melt into a thick and sticky consistency


Second: Mix the pebbles and the melted marshmallow together until the pebbles are evenly distributed throughout


Third: Line the cookie sheet with the wax paper


Fourth: Evenly spread the pebble-mallow mixture onto the wax-covered cookie sheets and place into the fridge to set


Fifth: Cut the bottoms of the ice cream containers off and then cut the ice cream into slices


Sixth: Take the pebble-mellow mixture out of the fridge and use a cookie cutter to cut the mixture into small circles, or what I will now refer to as the “buns” of the sandwich


 AND FINALLY: Place the slices of ice cream in between two of the pebble-mallow buns and admire its macaroon-like, Crabby Patty-esque cuteness 🙂



Lexi Jade



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