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How Jen is Changing Women Stereotypes

Women stereotypes are still sometimes in full force these days. Seeing a woman do something we are so used to seeing men do catches us off guard. We sat down with our good friend, Jen to talk about how she’s changing this by being herself.

Sloane Lenz is a “Tailor Made Mama”

BY: SLOANE LENZ, @THISISSLOANE Literally as long as I can remember, music has been one of the biggest influences in my life. The way a song can paint a picture of a world or a person is really pure magic. Listening, you just get to see it all in your head like a perfect little movie, […]

Good Vibes, Great Style

Hi friends! My name is Alex and I am a Nashville based lifestyle blogger and creative over at Authentically Alex. I am so excited to be partnering with Molly Green and sharing some of my favorite pieces with y’all.

Holiday Shoot BTS

Last Wednesday we had our 2017 holiday photoshoot and it was perhaps the most dreamy shoot we’ve planned and executed yet. We wanted something vintage, hazy, eclectic, and sparkly, so we found a location that met all of our conceptual needs, grandma’s house! Peep below for a sneak peek at our new arrivals and images […]

WATCH: Who is Molly Green, Anyway?

No. Molly Green is not a real person or a looming, obscure being. Molly Green is, however, an idea of a person who dresses honestly and thoughtfully. A person who is open minded and brave with her personal style; someone who sees trends and makes them their own, while staying true to what makes them […]