Win a $500 MG Gift Card

Molly Green is having a HUGE grand opening party for our new store in Chattanooga! Save the date for Sunday, October 28th, from 12pm – 6pm. The first 50 people through the doors at 12PM will receive grab bags full of free MG swag!  There will also be giveaways every hour, on the hour, from […]

How Jen is Changing Women Stereotypes

Women stereotypes are still sometimes in full force these days. Seeing a woman do something we are so used to seeing men do catches us off guard. We sat down with our good friend, Jen to talk about how she’s changing this by being herself.

The Journey to Real with Madison Lovely

BY: MADISON LOVELY @madisonroselovely With the appetite for fall stirring in the air and coercing all of us to break out our leathers almosta month too early, I think there’s so much to be said about the seasons and how it brings outnewness in people.Clothes allow us to be individuals, whether I’m pairing my oversized […]

Sloane Lenz is a “Tailor Made Mama”

BY: SLOANE LENZ, @THISISSLOANE Literally as long as I can remember, music has been one of the biggest influences in my life. The way a song can paint a picture of a world or a person is really pure magic. Listening, you just get to see it all in your head like a perfect little movie, […]