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MG Collections

MG Collections

Buying Inspiration

The MG buying team travels to LA once a month to scour market for the best pieces… we believe that that are so many different layers to the fashion business and our aim is to understand all of them. We’re more than just a women’s boutique that brings cool pieces to the Southeast. We see our brand in a very holistic manner and we enjoy seeing all of the pieces we’re picking for you in person. The collections really come to life when you lay the pieces out side by side, see the patterns and touch the textures.


The birth of a collection is the “discovery” stage, when Brittany and her team scope out everything available that month. We go for pieces that are available immediately so we’re able to keep our style high and stay adaptable with trends. From there Brittany is able to bring her vision to life and create a collection with a strong color story and message. Through cohesive textures, prints and colors, we’re able to bring you an aesthetic that inspires you to create a bold wardrobe that represents your own personal style.