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Interning at Molly Green: Summer Intern Ed.

Posted on July 02, 2019

Interning at Molly Green: Summer Intern Ed.  Image


Interning at Molly Green this summer has been such a fun experience! I have loved getting to know the ends and outs of running a business in the retail industry. My internship specifically is social media and marketing but I have gotten to learn many other skills pertaining to different fields within the retail space. What I have loved about this internship is that every day is different and we are constantly doing something new every day! Some days we create content and write blog posts for the websites other days we will help out writing product descriptions and help fulfill orders from our online website. I have also loved getting to travel to the other stores and see the cities that MG is located. Like I stated before every day looks different so some days I am able to work from home to write blog posts and create content on Canva, I like that because it helps break up the week and saves gas so I don’t have to fight traffic every day. Everyone who works at Molly Green is SO nice! I have really enjoyed getting to work with everyone and learn from their creativity. They are always willing to teach us something new and answer any questions we have. I also got the opportunity to take over the Instagram page one week and learn how to post and engage with our audience.  Some other tasks that we have done through the weeks have been:

  • Create Instagram story content

  • Use Canva to create graphics for Instagram

  • Assist on product shoots

  • Write product descriptions 

  • Take measurements of products for the website

  • Assist on photoshoots

  • Create content with new arrivals

  • Help set up Comment Sold and went live on Facebook 

  • Write blog posts

  • Travel to different store locations

This internship has been such a great experience so far and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is interested in learning more about social media, content creation and the retail industry in general! I am excited for the next few weeks I have left at Molly Green and look forward to seeing what the new interns create after I am gone! 

Interested in being an intern? Apply HERE.


Hey everybody, I’m Charlotte, and I’m one of the summer interns at Molly Green! My official title is the Social Media and Marketing intern and I share that title with two other wonderful people, Jess and Lauren. I work at the Molly Green East Nashville location along with Jess. Some of typical duties including creating content for Instagram or our other social media platforms, helping with photoshoots, writing blog posts for all you brilliant people, and helping around the office wherever needed including helping with the website, writing hilarious product descriptions, participating in Molly Green pop up shops, including Girl Tribe, and creating Molly Green awareness around the community. Some of my favorite things to do include writing the product descriptions for the website and helping create Instagram stories, and helping with the photoshoots. I’m so lucky to be working with the nicest people ever who value my retail knowledge and experience. A couple of weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Atlanta Apparel Mart with my fellow intern, Lauren, to act as assistant buyers shopping for Fall/Winter 2019. We were able to experience a real-world retail experience and meet some awesome industry professionals. This experience was beyond valuable and I’m so excited to be going back for the Atlanta Gift Mart next week. I have thoroughly enjoyed working for Molly Green this summer and I am forever grateful for the valuable experience this internship has provided me with. I’ll be here until the end of July and you will definitely be hearing from me again!

Interested in being an intern? Apply HERE.

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