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Posted on August 09, 2016 by web@shopmollygreen.com

Iceland Image

The hubs and I had been dreaming of traveling to Iceland for a while, and the celebration of our 5 year anniversary seemed like the perfect reason to pull the trigger. So I stalked kayak.com and finally found the perfect flights and before we knew it, we were off! We ended up using a few different airlines (Iceland Air and WOW Air) to fly from Washington D.C. to Iceland, Iceland to Scotland, and from London back home. My main tip would be to skip WOW Air and go straight to Iceland Air. Iceland Air has TVs in every seat back, brand new movies to distract you from the terrifying fact that you’re much too high up in the air, and NO CRAZY CARRY ON LUGGAGE FEES (boooo WOW air).

Once we touched down in Iceland we rented a car (be sure to get gravel insurance!) and drove straight to our AirBNB in the center of Reykjavik. We spent most of our time in the city, walking around, eating AMAZING food, drinking delicious coffee from Reykjavik Roasters and eating a little too much ice cream from the shop across the street. The best place we ate was at a hostel called Kex. With an almost camouflaged front door it was hard to spot, but once upstairs it was a hipster traveler’s paradise, and not to mention home to the best fish dish that I’ve ever eaten.

Since we traveled to Iceland in late May/early June we had sunlight for basically all 24 hrs of the day, so we had all the time in the world to do whatever we wanted. We took a day to drive the golden circle (a baby version of Iceland’s famous Ring Road) which took us to various geographical wonders, probably a 7 hr experience all together. And we also headed east along the south coast of Iceland to the town Vik, which is home of the famous black sand beaches.

Everything in Reykjavik is amazing. My favorite part was just exploring. We listened to street musicians, found hidden art galleries, and made friends with all the local cats (literally there are so many cats and they’re all so friendly)!

So enjoy my photo journey from Icleand and plan your own adventure soon!

xoxo – Casey

P.S. Check back in next week for part 2: SCOTLAND!

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