Meet the MG HQ CREW

Brittany Hartwell
OG Molly Green Gal, Proprietor

Favorite thing about working at MG
I enjoy the creative challenges that come my way. Each day brings new opportunities and needs. Working at Molly Green certainly keeps me on my toes! I appreciate the time I get to spend with the people I love. It’s the luckiest way I could imagine my life to be.
Favorite fashion trend ever

I adore bold accessories paired with classic basics. I feel most confident when I’m wearing good denim. I love big earrings and parting my hair right down the middle. I wore red lipstick every day for several years of my life. I’ll never have enough leopard print silk scarves.

Brandon Hartwell

Favorite thing about working at Molly Green

I love the silly times that are shared between Brittany, Anna and myself. The uncontrollable laughter that comes like clockwork at the end of a long day.

Favorite fashion trend ever

Tucking my sweatpants into my socks with a fresh pair of sneakers.

Anna MillER
Regional Director

Favorite thing about working at MG
Working with so many wonderful people!
Favorite fashion trend ever
Everything high waisted!

Laura Foster
Media Director

Favorite things about working at MG

The amazing people I get to work with every day! Everyone is really supportive and brilliantly talented. Getting to work with individuals that will let you go, create (even if it’s outside the box), and believe in you is wonderful!

Favorite fashion trend ever

I love the shift towards personal style that’s happened in the past few years. Being able to express yourself through your style is incredibly important to me! That being said my favorite fashion things are high waisted jeans, a bold lip, all things vintage, band tees, and leopard print accents. Leopard print is a neutral color.

Heather Johns
Visual Director

Favorite thing about working at MG

Literally, this is my dream job. I never wake up dreading work and I always have something new to do that keeps work so fresh. I love being part of an idea that has come to fruition and helping to make this huge Molly Green dream a reality is something so special to me. And did I mention the coworkers?? They’re all so amazing!

Favorite fashion trend ever
I’ll always find a way to incorporate some retro or vintage style into my outfits whether it’s 50s high waisted shorts, 60s mod dresses, or 70s platforms and giant earrings. Oh. And of course ANYTHING gold and sparkly because yolo!

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