About Molly Green

One of the questions that I get asked all the time is “are you Molly?” In a way yes, but also no. My name is Brittany and I am one of the proprietors here at Molly Green.

The owners of Molly Green.

 I have always been really interested in outfitting and styling. My family gave me a sewing machine very early in my teens and it gave me a sort of freedom to experiment. I was also lucky enough to have ample hand-me-downs to cut up and practice on. For me, fashion has never been about what is, rather what could be. Molly Green is a beautiful extension of that idea.

Opening Molly Green

We opened the first Molly Green in May 2011. In the early days it was just my sister Anna and myself. Our store was on a little tree lined street and we filled it with things we loved. Eventually we moved our store to the mall where we experienced more foot traffic and excitement for the brand than we ever expected. My husband, Brandon started helping us run the business shortly after. We have been side by side ever since. Now, with 6 stores and a growing online staff we get to work with so many kind, creative and fashionable humans.

What Our Customers Say

Our style is a mixed bag of soft basics, everyday denim and weekend wow. One Yelper who reviewed us said…

If Urban Outfitter and Top Shop had a kid it would be Molly Green.

It’s an eclectic mix of vintage glamour dipped in grunge sauce. They sell accessories, clothing, jewelry and some home good items.

Lily C. | Atlanta GA

Affordable and wearable, Molly Green perfectly mixes feminine, edgy, minimal, and glam fashion. No rules!? But why? Because it’s all about what makes you feel just right.

Check out this cute video from our Birmingham crew called “Who is Molly Green Anyway?

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Brittany and the MG Crew